What People Are Saying...

"So, I need to tell you that one of the most empowering things I've learned from shopping with you is that good clothes are made to suit me and show off all my attributes and attitude. While that may sound like common sense, shopping trips used to consist of me trying on great brands and thinking that if they didn't fit or flatter me that there must be something wrong with me. You changed that, and with your help, confidence and guidance I find shopping so much more enjoyable and gratifying...oh, and I look better too! Keep doing what you do- I look forward to our next shopping trip!" - Mandy J.

"Susan is amazing! Last year my mom was having trouble finding a Mother-of-the-Bride dress that wasn't frumpy but still age appropriate. I'd describe her style as bohemian glitz...so, pretty eclectic. Susan was up to the challenge and in just an hour, she found 3 beautiful options. My mom went with a stunning Adrianna Papell gown. It was so flattering on her. Whenever I wear something Susan picked out, I get an insane amount of compliments. She knows how to dress you in a way that's on-trend but still very much "you" and your personal style." - Erika L.

“We are always prioritizing our time. Family/Friends.  Kids.  Work.  One area of my life that I had de-prioritized was my wardrobe.  I just did not have the time to spend in a store shopping and usually I was very disappointed at the whole shopping experience.  Over the years that lead to my closet filling up of clothes that were functional but not personal or reflective of me.
Then I asked Susan provide her personal design talents.  Wow! What a difference!  I now get compliments on my clothes all the time at work and home!After listening to my needs, Susan was able to pick out several outfits that not only looked great on me but stayed within my budget.  She stretched my comfort zone of what I perceived clothes to be like by picking some great designs, bold colors, and even polka dots. And most importantly, she explained why these outfits work the way they do.  They quickly became some of my favorites!
So if you are looking for some new clothes to add to your existing closet or, like me, looking for a complete fresh start, I highly recommend Susan’s personal design services.  With her fashion forward thinking and personalized attention your wardrobe will never be the same again!” -Christopher W.

"Susan has been one of my best friends for years now, but I'm writing this review solely as someone who has benefited from her style expertise since the moment I met her. Susan has the ability to not only help someone discover their own personal style, but also to make you feel confident about your OWN style and the wardrobe you already have.  She recently stood in front of my closet and commented that I have multiple great pieces, and I was totally shocked. Having her approval gave me a whole new outlook on my own wardrobe.  Anyone who goes to Susan for styling will be left feeling renewed and inspired!" - Kate M.

"You were my saving grace when we worked together. I had been a dirty hippie my whole life and just did not know how to 'find myself' in professional attire. Not only did you help me find clothes I loved, but you were always amazing at spotting what worked for my body type and what I would be comfortable in!" - Mandy J.

"Anytime I wear a piece of clothing you've passed along to me, I get amazing amounts of compliments! I've even taken to saying "Thanks! It's a Susan!" - Vikki B.