Welcome!  I'm Susan Padron, a personal stylist and style blogger living and working in the Greater Philadelphia Area. I work with men and women with a variety of budgets and body types, and my goal is to help everyone I work with look and feel amazing. 

I have acted as a personal stylist to my family friends for as long as I can remember. Everyone I worked with encouraged me to pursue it, and in March of 2016, I finally listened to them, and started building my business. 

Since then, I have been published several times, styled photo shoots, held group style events, collaborated with fellow entrepreneurs, and worked with men and women in the Greater Philadelphia Area ranging in ages, styles, budgets, and body types, and they all have one thing in common - they are always pleasantly surprised by how much fun we have together and how easy the experience is. I love what I do. I am always honest with my clients, and I will take on any challenge that comes my way. 

So, what will you find at my blog? Easy tips and tricks to take on current trends, inspiring stories about inspiring women, information about upcoming events that I am hosting, and other fun fashion related info! 

Are you interested in hiring or collaborating with me? Email me at susanpadronstylist@gmail.com