#WednesdayWonders - What is the latest trend for shoes?

So many of us look for different options for shoes than the traditional choices - for women, we can usually choose between heels or flats, and for guys, there are oxfords or loafers. Of course, boots are always available too, but they are season specific. That being said, the question that I received is regarding sneakers! Sneakers - they're not just for working out anymore! However, you have to choose the right pair. You can't wear your Brooks with a cute dress and call yourself chic.

Since last week's Wednesday Wonder was for the guys, let's start with the ladies first, and then I'll show off some options for the gentlemen.

adidas sneakers
Adidas Neo Advantage

I have been seen these EVERYWHERE. The Neo Advantage is definitely a more casual option, so think of these more for the weekend. They're sporty without looking too athletic, and they tie right in to the athleisure trend that's so big right now. If you're a fan of these, but you don't want the same pair that everyone has, check them out in white and rose gold! 

adidas sneakers

Adidas Superstar Original
keds sneakers
Keds Champion

I have a very similar pair of these in black, and I cannot believe how often I wear them. I love them! They are comfy and perfect with a casual dress or with jeans. 

keds, kate spade

Keds for Kate Spade

You could always go with the glam version and add some sparkle to your shoes with these Keds for Kate Spade! 

black wedge sneakers
Giuseppe Zanotti Soma Hidden Wedge High Top

I love how these are like a sneaker - bootie hybrid! They have some edge and sass, and I am drooling over them! 

Now for the guys! 

magnanni cristian sneaker
Magnanni Cristian Sneaker

These are my new favorite mens shoes. They are super comfortable from what I hear - even perfect for men who have flat feet! I love the details on them, and they are perfect for casual or business casual wear. 

valentino sneaker
Valentino Tropical Nylon and Suede Trainer

These sneakers are bold for sure, but it's the different colors and textures that make them a statement. The variety of colors, the suede and nylon, combined with the studs makes these the main focal point of an outfit, so guys, if you wear these, keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral. 

converse all star
Chuck Taylor All Star

For men or women, I think everyone needs a pair of Converse in their life. They just look so cool with a pair of jeans and just a basic white or black t-shirt. Add some fun accessories, and you automatically look cool and approachable. The converse website allows you to completely customize your shoes, which is a fun idea, but there's just something classic about the original white. 

Do you have any questions that you would like answered in a #WednesdayWonder post? Comment below or email me at susanpadronstylist@gmail.com! 

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