Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year: New Year's Eve Style Choices

Happy (almost) New Year!!

I hope that this year brings all of you lots of love, happiness, laughter, and good health to you and your loved ones.

But, before we get to 2017, I have to share with you some of my newest purchases from, Shop Sixty Five!

I apologize for the blur in this photo. My camera was not behaving, but I still loved this photo, so with some editing, I thought it still worked! 

Susan Padron, image consultant
Friday, December 30, 2016

#girlboss(es) redefined 8 - Giovanna Biles

Happy Friday!! I hope you all had a wonderful week, and that you have fun plans for the weekend! To kick off your fun weekend, you can read about my friend, Giovanna! Giovanna is this week's Fabulous Female for my #girlboss(es) series! Giovanna is the wife of one of my oldest friends, Nathan (not to be confused with my photographer, Nate (Nater)). She is the mom to three absolutely precious little ones, who are just the cutest (quick - scroll down to her picture below, because it's without a doubt the cutest picture you will see all day!!)! Her kids are the perfect ages to play with my two nephews and my son, so it's really special to see that our lifelong friendship with their family is continuing with all of our children too! 

As always, I hope you enjoy reading! 
Friday, December 23, 2016

#girlboss(es) 17 - Lynne Kaspin

Happy Friday, and Merry (early) Christmas to those who celebrate! This week's Fabulous Female Friday features a good friend, Lynne Kaspin! I thought the timing of her post is absolutely appropriate, because out of everyone I know, Lynne loves snow the most, and what better day than just a couple of days after the official start to the winter season! I first met Lynne when I worked at Music and Arts in Marlton, which was 7 years ago now. Lynne is one of the piano teachers there, and her number of students was (and is) very impressive, to say the least!  Lynne's students range in ages, from precious little 4 year olds to adults, and they all adore her! 

Friday, December 16, 2016

#girlboss(es) 16 - Linda LaRosa

Happy Friday! I hope that you're all staying nice and warm! This weather is perfect for cozying up with a soft, heavy blanket, making yourself a perfect cup of coffee, and doing some online shopping. I know that you may be all shopped out at this point, with Christmas being right around the corner, so spend some time looking for yourself instead! Need some motivation? Check out Shop Sixty Five's Instagram Page.  For those of you that come here often, you know how much I am IN LOVE with Shop Sixty Five in Rittenhouse. The owner of this glorious shop is Linda LaRosa - this week's #girlboss for Fabulous Female Friday! In the post that I wrote about Shop Sixty Five (click here), I talked about how wonderful Linda was, when I went to her store for the first time. Since then, she has continued to be supportive, and I continue to tell everyone I know about how amazing she and her store are! Enjoy reading about Linda, and check them out on Facebook and Instagram for updates and gorgeous clothes! 

Friday, December 9, 2016

#girlboss(es) redefined 7 - Melissa Carangi

Happy Friday!! Today's Fabulous Female Friday showcases my cousin, Melissa Carangi! Melissa is free spirited, adventurous, and pretty bad ass. She has already created countless unique life experiences for herself by truly making her own path to happiness. Melissa is currently spending the next 8 months traveling all over the world working on a documentary. Like I said, this broad is bad ass. Enjoy!
Sunday, December 4, 2016

An Easier Approach to the Holidays

Most of the time, when I go shopping with new clients, we go to the mall. I prefer the mall, because if my usual go to stores aren't meeting our needs, I like to have several back up plans without having to inconvenience the client by traveling to a new location. The more people that I have been working with, the more I realize that the mall can be a daunting place for a lot of people. Not to mention trying to find anything in one of the big department stores - smaller "stores" within a bigger store within a huge mall - that concept makes most people shut down and completely dread the experience. Add the chaos of the holidays to that, and the stress can go through the Christmas light decorated roof.

So, let me help you!

Are you free Friday, December 16th? Let's meet at the Cherry Hill Mall in Nordstrom at 5:30, and we'll do some group shopping!

(Ok... what's group shopping?) Great question!

It's super easy - a small group of us (let's say a minimum of 3 plus me), will go to Nordstrom together, and I can show you how to find exactly what you need to finish off your holiday shopping - whether it's putting together an outfit for yourself for your holiday dinner (or daytime festivities), getting a last minute gift or stocking stuffers, or  treating yourself or someone else to some of my current top favorites from Nordstrom! I will help you get all or any of that, and we'll be done by 7:00pm! We'll be in and out of the mall in an hour and a half, you'll have me as your guide, you'll get to hang out with some great company, and you will leave happy - how glorious is that?

The cost to attend is $35 per person - a total steal, since my hourly rate is $75! (Happy Holidays!) You can absolutely bring a friend, but leave the little ones at home, so you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about the kids.

Make sure that you sign up by Monday, December 12th (don't worry, that's not tomorrow, it's next Monday) - and you can do that by commenting on this post, text, email, Facebook comment or message, whatever is easiest - I will make sure you are on my list!

If you need more of a reason to go, you can also check out the inside of "Adventure to Santa" while we're there - it's pretty impressive!

Cute, right?

Anyway, I can't wait for all of us to go shopping together! As always, I promise it will be fun! Don't forget to sign up!
Friday, December 2, 2016

#girlboss(es) 15 - Jennifer Braverman

Happy Friday!! This week's post features Jen Braverman, who I met in college, at The College of New Jersey. While attending TCNJ, I participated in performances of "The Vagina Monologues". It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life, and if you have not seen a performance or read the stories, do so immediately! Do not let the title scare you away from it. The monologues are a collection of insights into different women's experiences from all over the world at different points in their lives. Some of them are really funny, others are more serious, some are both, and no matter what emotion they elicit, they're worth the read (for men and women, by the way). More importantly - back to Jen!! So, Jen was one of the directors my very first year performing in the monologues, and while she wasn't my director specifically, I could see the amount of respect she received by anyone who knew her. Even if you don't know Jen, once you hear about just a few of her accomplishments, you'll see why.