Holiday Photo Shoot Opportunity

Hi All! It's that time of year when the Christmas decorations have already been set up in stores, and you're either bursting with excitement or starting to stress. Well, I have a fun way to kick off the season for you!

Remember those gorgeous pictures that I posted recently (in case you missed it, here it is) with photographer, Mark Morris? We are working together to provide you with the most perfect pictures for your holiday cards this year. We will be doing photo shoots with our scheduled clients on Saturday, November 19th (before my style party) and Saturday, December 3rd. I will be on site both days making sure that you and your family continue to look flawless, so you don't have to worry about loving everything about a picture except your hair is doing something weird, or your husband's shirt is partially untucked, or you didn't realize that the green shirts you picked out for you and your kids completely clashed with the background of the picture, etc. I'll take care of all of that, and Mark will create the gorgeous pictures. We make a pretty darn good team.

Here are the details and what's included:
Are you excited, because I'm excited! Schedule soon! I mean, how cute are these? 

Susan Padron, personal stylist, Philadelphia

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