OBX Pictures

Every year for the past twenty-something years, my family has gone to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for our summer vacation. Only in the past 8 years though, did we have momentous occasions where we wanted to get professional pictures taken on the beach! This tradition started 8 years ago, when my sister got engaged. What started out as an engagement photoshoot, turned into a photoshoot for all of us!

Outer Banks, engagement shoot

This was in 2008, just a few months before Tony and I got engaged.

Then in 2011, for my nephew's first OBX vacation.

Outer Banks, photo shoot

Tony is such a good uncle - this is him attempting to make our nephew smile or laugh for a picture.

Outer Banks, photo shoot

Then in 2014, we did maternity pictures!

Outer Banks, maternity photo shoot

Last year, we took pictures to celebrate our little guy's first OBX vacation.

Outer Banks, family photo shoot

This year and last, we used Brooke Mayo as our photographer, and she was (is) fantastic! 

And this year... so many good ones!

Outer Banks, family photo shoot
 Just struttin' my stuff! 

Outer Banks, family photo shoot

Outer Banks, family photo shoot


Outer Banks, family photo shoot
Outer Banks, family photo shoot
What cracks me up about the picture above is how disapproving, honey bunny looks over his parents smooching. Sorry, bunny!

This year's dress is from Loft.

I also wanted to give a quick hair update, since I got my American wave (you can read all about it, if you click the link)! These two pictures only give you a little look of how awesome it is. This is the first time out of all of the years we have done professional pictures, that I barely had to spend any time on my hair, and I love it! In years past, I probably would have had to spend 20-40 minutes curling it, with either a wand or curling iron, or blow drying it. This year, I washed it the night before, put some DevaCurl in it, scrunched it, and let it air dry. Then after doing my makeup the next day, before we left for pictures, I touched up a couple of pieces with a curling wand, sprayed my hair with sea salt spray, and I was good to go!

More proof of awesome beachy beach waves actually on the beach

American Wave, Verde Salon, Susan Padron

Even at the beach, as soon as I am not playing with my family, my brain goes right back to styling! So, when are we going shopping, because I can't wait!