Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why me!

Aside from fashion, some of my favorite obsessions include Hulu, a good Starbucks barista, and Birchbox. Don't get me wrong, I also love being active and working out...and food (I'm normally a healthy eater, but my diet can occasionally be described as "an unchaperoned five year old at a birthday party")... but there's a reason that I brought up Hulu, Starbucks, and Birchbox!

All three, Hulu, Starbucks, and Birchbox make an attempt to get to know me based on my interests that are related to their service! Hulu has recommendations based on shows it knows that I watch (thanks for "The Mindy Project" recommendation, Hulu!! Nice work!). A good Starbucks barista may suggest other highly caffeinated beverages based on my daily attendance... or they'll just confirm the order with me, so that my decaffeinated, zombie, early morning self doesn't have to attempt to speak prior to drinking my coffee. Birchbox sends me amazing beauty products, that I always love and are tailored to my beauty needs...of which there are many...and current trends, which I love to try! 

I think it's fair to say that a lot of us can agree with the idea that we like it when people get to know our interests and then choose things for us. There's that exciting feeling of trying something new, but a comfort knowing that it might be something similar to things we already enjoy. 

I'm sure that some of my female readers have tried or are currently using Stitch Fix. I don't mean to complain about their service, but it didn't work for me. I had a few successful pieces, which I have adopted into my wardrobe, but I never got the personal experience with my stylist that so many raved about. I didn't like that an algorithm helped choose my clothes. I also don't really like the idea that strangers were choosing my clothes. 

In addition to or instead of using Stitch Fix, you may have relied on an employee of a favorite store to help you with your shopping. Now, this experience can be much more of a personal one. You can make sure that you only work with one person, and you can possibly get to know them over time. My dad, for example, before he retired, worked with a gentleman at Nordstrom every time he needed new clothes. But, when you use a store employee, you're limited to what that store carries. Of course, they can order things for you, but what if you want it now? What if you need it for an event the next day? Then, you have to go to another store(s), and you're already tired and feeling done with your shopping expedition.

That's where I come in! 

Susan Padron, personal stylist, South Jersey

I am fortunate to know some of you already, and I would like to get to know all of my readers! With me, you have options. Be exact or be vague. Event shopping, seasonal, or just because. In person or online. Approval before purchasing or "just surprise me". Tall, grande, or venti sized budgets (that's small, medium, or large (actually, it's 20 for 20oz of delicious coffee) for those of you who can go to Starbucks without everyone knowing your name). 

There are no picky or difficult clients. When you're happy, I'm happy, and I'll keep shopping until you're smiling and stylish. 

If I had a reality TV show, that would definitely be my tagline. 

But seriously, if it's been a little while since you have spent quality time looking over your clothes, and you don't even know if you love what you see anymore, I'll come and help you! If you don't want to buy new clothes, and you just want ways to update your current selection, I can help with that too. If you want to completely change your style, add a different type of style or trend(s), that's all easy for me.  

This is what I do. It's what I've always done, and I'm kind of awesome at it...just kidding, I'm totally awesome at it. 

So, let's schedule some time to chat about you and your clothes! 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trends for Summer 2016

Susan Padron, personal stylist

Typically when I buy clothes, I like to invest in pieces that will be versatile and will last.

And other times, I buy trendy clothes from Forever21.

When it comes to trends, I almost always go for the inexpensive. The reason why I do that is because it's not worth it to spend a lot of money on something that will only be in style for a short amount of time.

That being said, participating in trends can be a lot of fun (no matter how old you are). If you're feeling self conscious about going for something trendy, pair it with more classic pieces or neutral colors.

I decided to embrace a lot of current trends today - choker necklace, black crop top, high waisted midi skirt, and white sneakers! So fun!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I posted this on my Facebook page, but I know there are some readers who are not on Facebook, so I wanted to share it here as well! Sorry for the redundancy for my Facebook friends! 

I absolutely love that my friends, family, and coworkers have been telling me that my blog posts inspire them to dress their best. It's fun for me to see how everyone interprets my suggestions to fit their personal style. You all have been looking incredible, and I want to start showing you off on my blog! 

If you feel comfortable, please post on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram, or send me a picture of yourself in an outfit (or just your outfit) that you would consider as ‪#‎whatwouldsusanstyle‬. You can send or post as many as you'd like, just use the hashtag if you post it rather than send it. 

Thanks in advance!!


I treated myself to two new pairs of glasses, and I am so excited! I'm mostly looking forward to the fact that my vision is now being assisted appropriately, but the new frames are pretty amazing. I even planned my outfit around one of my new pairs. That's right. I chose my outfit around the glasses that I wanted to wear! I think a lot of us who wear glasses don't view them as part of our outfit, but they absolutely should be considered! All accessories help make an outfit.

Susan Padron, personal stylist

I went out of my comfort zone with these round frames, and I am so glad that I did! 

Susan Padron, personal stylist

Susan Padron, personal stylist
The sides (temples) of these Kate Spade glasses are to die for!
Susan Padron, personal stylist
My sunglasses aren't new, but they're always my fav, and this red lipstick will make anyone feel like Taylor Swift. 
Susan Padron, personal stylist

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Great Outdoors

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about how to use a color wheel to figure out the best ways to incorporate different colors in your wardrobe. Especially now that it's Spring, I find myself getting a lot of color inspiration from outside!

I went to Longwood Gardens with my family, and the color combinations in the flowers were pretty spectacular. Consider the green in the grass and leaves as your neutral in this picture. (If you don't know what I mean by neutral, read this.)

This balance of yellow and purple would work for my gentlemen or my ladies!

I also came across this perfectly dressed guy in another weekend adventure, and his use of color is always on point!

Also, check out the texture in the wooden fence, the pattern in the wire fence, and the feathers. Envision your suit, blazer, pants, or skirt as the combination and color of the two fences, and your shirt or tie as the blue in the body of the peacock. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Accessories PSA

Ladies and gentlemen, let's chat briefly about accessories.

Please stop being matchy-matchy with your accessories and your outfit.

Gentlemen, that means stop buying the dress shirts that come with the matching ties.

Ladies, that means stop trying to match your necklace exactly to your outfit. Also, stop matching your necklace exactly to your earrings. You can still buy those necklace and earring sets, but just don't wear them both at the same time.

Here's why:

Trying to pair your accessories exactly with the colors of your outfits says, "I only put this together because the colors were the same" or "I obviously bought these for this one reason".

It's ok to wear an accessory that has some of the color that you're wearing, but if you're going to do that, I would suggest making sure that it has a contrasting color as the dominant color.

I can go through your closet with you, and after I see what common colors and styles you have in your current wardrobe, I can help you pick out just a couple of accessories, that can be completely versatile and be worn with several of your outfits transforming each outfit into its own glorious statement.

Call or email me to make an appointment!
Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thank you!

My family, friends, and clients are awesome. I could just leave it at that, because that statement is enough, but I have to share with you one of the MANY reasons why! Ever since I posted about Color, Pattern, Texture, and ShineMixing Patterns for Womenand Men, people have been coming up to me and showing me their outfits, and telling me how I have inspired them! I haven't taken pictures of all of them, but here are two!

Here's my wonderful friend, coworker, and sanity saver, Marianne rocking lots of perfectly matched patterns and colors:

women's fashion

Isn't she gorgeous? She's also my assistant, and I adore her! 

Another gorgeous lady that I have in my life, my sister, Sara sent me a picture of the incredibly stylish outfit that she put together! 

women's style

While, she's not in the picture with her clothes, I'm sure she totally rocked this outfit, because she always does! 

That being said, keep the pictures and kind words coming my way! I love and appreciate all of them! Thank you!! 

Spring is here?

Hi everyone! Happy May! Spring is technically here, and I say technically, because all of us on the East Coast have been dealing with lots of gray skies and rain, for what seems like way too long! I think we're all ready to stop wearing dark colors, boots, and heavier fabrics and move on to bright, happy, colors that make us think Spring (and summer)! At least the trees and flowers outside have been blooming and adding pops of color to our days!

This week, one of my favorite outfits that I put together was this one:

fashion stylist

Philadelphia personal stylist

Philadelphia personal stylist

One of our cats, LeRoy even made an appearance during my quick outfit photoshoot! This was Tuesday's outfit. Tuesday was cold and rainy (much like the rest of this week), and I was torn between embracing the weather and being excited for Spring, so I wore a light blue metallic and white striped shirt, a gorgeous (new) statement necklace from anthropologie, one of my favorite blazers (who am I kidding, all of my blazers are my favorite), gray skinnies, and black booties. I also had to add more color than just the shirt, so I kept the rest of my makeup pretty subdued, except for my eyelashes (Covergirl Plumpify waterproof mascara is my newest obsession), and I made sure to make my lips really pop. Remember ladies, you are not just limited to your clothes for adding a pop of color to your outfits! 

Now gentlemen, if you tend to dress more professional for your work attire, you could do something similar to what I did here (minus the statement necklace, mascara, and lipstick... unless that's your thing, in which case go for it, and I'll help you find the right pieces and colors!). Mixing and matching your suit pieces is completely ok! Feel free to do it! I can show you how. I'm sure most of the men in your life told you that your suit had to stay together forever, but think about your suit pieces as really being separate pieces that just work really well together when necessary. You can also keep your blazer and pants more neutral and use your shirt as your pop of color. That's a good way to play it safe, if you're just getting used to branching out. 

So, let's talk Spring, because it's going to happen, I can feel it! And, you'll want to be prepared for when the sun comes back! If you look for Spring trends, it seems like it's always the same. It reminds me of "The Devil Wears Prada", when Meryl Streep's character, Miranda says "Florals? For spring? Ground breaking." I mean, I didn't even have to go shopping to come up with these floral pieces, and none of them have been purchased this season:

women floral fashion

There are five pieces there. Two shirts and three dresses - all floral. I pulled them from my closet in under a minute, and there were more. That being said, florals are great for Spring, but do most of us need to go out and buy more? No, just check your closet. Ladies, if you're going out for Mother's Day brunch or dinner this weekend, definitely pick a pretty floral pieces. It's always so feminine, delicate, and pretty. 

If florals aren't really you're thing, you can follow the big trend for guys right now, which is Spring colors and fun patterns! You know I'm excited! 

I even gave you choices here, guys, because who doesn't appreciate options! 

how to accessorize an outfit

how to accessorize an outfit
how to accessorize an outfit

how to accessorize an outfit

The same rules apply to mixing patterns, although you can go bolder for Spring!